O2 Advertising Wins Big at NJ Ad Club Awards

BELLEVILLE, N.J. – June 11, 2019

On June 5, 2019, the NJ Ad Club hosted the 51st Annual Jersey Awards at The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ. The Jersey Awards is a prestigious advertising and marketing award competition. These awards recognize the top campaigns and creative thinking in marketing, branding, advertising, and design. With over 600 entries, it’s one of the largest creative award competitions in the state.

O2 Advertising, a boutique marketing agency located in Belleville NJ, was nominated for seven awards and also walked away with one additional award for best in collateral – bringing the total number of prizes awarded to the agency to eight.

The agency’s 2019 awards include:
Trade Show Booth Graphics (Link)
Social Media Video (Link)
Poster Design (Link)
Print Catalog (Link)
Poster / Non-Profit (Link)

“We focus on delivering a higher creative standard” said Eric Ortiz, Creative Director / President. “We are truly honored to share this recognition with our clients, who provide the insight and collaboration needed to produce great work that makes an impact and resonates with audiences.”

Three 1st place prizes were awarded to the agency for their work in the categories of trade show booth graphics, poster design, and print catalog. The print catalog, which was created for Castle Foods, also won the coveted “best in collateral award” – one of the highest honors awarded for work across multiple print and design categories.

This is also the third year in a row that one of the agency’s trade show exhibits was selected for the 1st place prize. And this year, in addition to the 1st place award, they were also selected for the 2nd place trophy in the same category for Kalustyan’s IFT18 20×10 organic exhibit.

A 2nd place trophy in the category of Magazine Campaign was awarded as well, along with Rutgers University-Newark’s 2018 Women’s and Gender Studies Symposium poster design. In addition, a certificate of excellence for Castle Foods 90 second promotional video was also awarded.


O2 Advertising is a creative, full-service marketing agency based in Belleville, New Jersey and works with clients across a wide variety of industries. These awards bring the agency’s total number to twenty-one since they opened three years ago. www.O2-Advertising.com

The NJ Ad Club fosters and strengthens the interests of the advertising business in the State; represents its membership on statewide as well as national issues; provides a cohesive group network for all industry professionals to interact within; promotes professional development and supports the study and industry of advertising, marketing, design and communications. www.njadclub.org/awards/jerseyawards

Kalustyan Corporation is headquartered in Union, NJ – they are a global supplier of spice and flavor ingredients to the food industry, and are focused on providing the industry with ethically and responsibly sourced spices and herbs. They can trace their products back to the very farm and field where it was grown and use a proprietary cryogenic milling process to ensure customers receive the highest quality products. www.kalustyan.com

Castle Foods, a brand subsidiary of Kalustyan Corporation, maintains Kalustyan’s reputation for quality, sustainability, and food safety. Their strict quality standards are evident in every product they offer. Their spices and herbs are available on Amazon and retailers across the US. www.castlefoods.com



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