They say if you can find an occupation you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, because it will hardly feel like work. I was barely out of high school when I got my first job in advertising. By the time I earned my BFA from William Paterson University in 1999, I already had a full-time job at a small, creative advertising agency. Being at a small agency meant that I had to wear a lot of hats, but it afforded me the opportunity to learn about all aspects of advertising & marketing. In any given day I’d perform the functions of designer, copywriter, programmer, animator, or media planner.

I quickly discovered that the old adage about occupation and work doesn’t really apply to advertising. The fast-paced environment and challenging assignments can make some days feel like work, but it’s worth it.

And 20 years later, I still thrive on the excitement that comes from a new business presentation, a new product launch, or the completion of a project that, despite setbacks and everything going wrong, turned out to be an extraordinary success.

Over 20 years of experience – building brands like: